Do You See Him?

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Welcome to Amazing Grace Lutheran Church!

Do you see Him? This question is our congregational theme for the year. It is something that will be asked continually throughout the year. As we keep this question in front of us on a regular basis, the hope is that it will become ingrained in us so that we will be on alert to recognize where Jesus shows up in our lives. Where have you seen Jesus? In another person? In an event?

Many of us spend time researching and trying to find just the right car to buy. Once we purchase it, all of a sudden we begin to see other cars just like it. As we sharpen our focus we become more aware of what is around us. Do you see Jesus?


Tuesday, October 21, 2014
6:30-8:30 pm
Amazing Grace Lutheran Church

Many people in our community are hurting; financially, educationally, in housing, and without access to health care. We believe that loving our neighbors includes seeking justice on their behalf, making sure legislative and governmental decisions are made with consideration for the best interests of all people.

We are hosting a community "listening session" with our local candidates for State Representative in Districts 51A and B, and 52A and B. We want to build transformational relationships with our elected leaders to foster economic dignity, family security and opportunities to thrive for all of God's children.

We plan to share our values and stories with these candidates and hear their values and plans to build a community in which everyone can thrive. This is an educational event sponsored in part with ISAIAH, an organization working for social justice, supported by over 100 churches in the metro and St. Cloud areas.